Automotive FAQ’s

Q: Can you supply the care services that are same as the dealers do?

Yes, we provide all-inclusive services that are extensive. Anticipate the same quality at cheaper rates.

Q: How often should I change my oil?

Standard oil changes are, usually, due at 3,000 miles while total synthetic oil shifts can survive up to 7,000 miles. Make sure you check your oil level sometimes between oil changes to make sure sufficient oil amount.

Q: What type of cars do you fix?

Increase LPG is a whole automotive repair centre that supplies ASE accredited service for trucks and national automobiles. We specialize in GM & Cadillac cars.

Q: Should we bring you personally our car?

We’re a family-owned company that provides all-inclusive dealer quality auto repair services at rates that are cheaper. Get acquainted with your machinist, not the service lane helper’s voice mail.