The new Honda Civic Type R

Honda Civic falls under the category of fine, compact and luxurious cars developed by Honda. Cars becoming a prime necessity for people, they are looking for comfortable and elegantly designed cars. Civic fulfilling all these criteria’s has come under the class of cars highly popular among commoners.

Honda civic is a complete package which has made it a highest seller in Canada in the financial year 2012. This modal was first introduced in 1972 by Honda. Since then, there is no looking back for this car. It has a fine combination of looks, design, safety and mileage.

This car is available in 7 exotic modals namely Civic GX, Civic hybrid, type R, Si, GTi and VTi. This car is honored with a number of awards. As far as the viewers rating is concerned, the car has bagged four and a half star rating on a scale of five.

The Honda Civic Type R is one of those unicorn cars like the Nissan GT-R and Volkswagen Scirocco. We heard about them for years, but the company’s waivered on bringing them stateside. Well, the GT-R is here, and the Type R is coming, we just don’t know if it’ll be a five-door hatchback, a four-door sedan or a smoking-hot coupe like this rendering from Wild-Speed over at

The rendering uses the grille treatment from the New York concept with Type R cues all around. The concept sits nearly flush with the ground, with impossibly low-pro tires. In other words, it’s exactly how we think this coupe should look, right up to the wild rear spoiler with stylish, sculpted taillights.

The most recent Type R that we’ve seen debuted at the Geneva motor show in March. That Euro version sported “the most extreme and high-performing engine in the 22-year history of the red ‘H’ badge,” according to Honda, making 306 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque, all fed to the front wheels. Honda said top speed is 167 mph.

Honda tested the Euro Type R at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan and, of course, on the Nurburgring in Germany. The aero team developed a nearly flat underside for the hatch along with a new rear diffuser that Honda says “sucks” the car down to the road. It tested a roll cage-equipped version at the 13-mile course, and logged a super hot 7 minute, 50.36-second run — good enough for the front-wheel drive record.

We’re holding our breath for this one, we’ll report back the moment we hear more news. Go to for more pictures and some discussion of the new hot hatch.

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